Embrace The Messy Days

Embrace The Messy Days



Do you ever have those days, you know those days when you do those things that you know, that you just know that you shouldn’t do?

Those days that when you reflect on them, they just seem messy.

Those days when you may have felt shame closing in on you for what you have done.

Those days when all you want to do is stay in bed and pull the doona cover over you.

You know those days like-

  • You may have been caught up in a gossip session, yes it does happen.
  • You may have spoken in an angry manner to someone and said something that you know would hurt the other person.
  • You may have indulged to much in something that you know is not good for you.
  • You may have avoided someone because you know that they just want to be heard.

I could go on.

Yes, those days are hard, those days are difficult, those days can consume us.

We need to be kind to ourselves, this is not who we are, we are humans and we make mistakes. Yes, we do.

Do you notice how things happen when we are tired, when we have not looked after ourselves? When we are tired things seem magnified, things seem at lot more difficult.

Don’t let these days define you they are just a little bump on the road. You are on your journey and these things are going to happen.

But it is how we embrace the messy days that will help us, move forward.

Acknowledge the messy days and learn from them.

How are you embracing the messy days?