Day Two

Day Two



I am on holidays and I am just taking it slowly. I am grateful for holidays, grateful for time spent resting and refreshing.

I have been reading and thinking about this year.

I want it to be different, I want to mix things up this year.

I want to embrace 2019 and be brave, to have faith and to have courage.

Somehow in 2018, I lost a bit of my courage, a bit of my can-do courage.

So, 2019 I am claiming it back, I am going to blog, to write and to not be afraid. I am going to speak about my journey with courage and faith.

I am going to embrace this year and not get caught up in those lies that we can tell ourselves.

The lies-

  • that you are not good enough
  • why write this, no one is going to read your blog
  • other people are already doing it better then you
  • why bother.

I am sure you could probably add some more to this list.

How about if we change those lies into-

  • you have a story to share
  • you have something that someone needs to hear
  • yes, you can make a difference.

What if we were just a bit kinder to ourselves?

What if we encouraged ourselves like we encourage others around us?

How would our year be?

What would our life be like?

How would this year be different?

Will share more soon.


Tracey Buckley







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