Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen

day seventeen pic

The last few days I have had two of my lovely nieces stay with me.

There is so much that I love about being an Aunty, I love just being in the moment with them. I love chatting with them and being there for them.

It is always an adventure.

We did so much and had so much fun.

I love spending quality time with them, they make my heart smile.

Monday was spent showing them the new room that I had set up for them. It was also time for them to help me go food shopping and then I cooked for them the meal that they had requested. I enjoy hospitality.

Tuesday was all about exploring the city of Perth.

We caught the bus in early about 9.05am, and explored our city.

We loved Elizabeth Quay, and took heaps of photos, you have got to love creating memories.

We then ventured into the city and explored and we walked a lot.

I think for my youngest niece she really loved the water fun place at Forrest Chase and being in the water. It is such an amazing place for children, they can go into the water and it magically appears. Yes, she did get very wet, we were blessed that it was a warm day.

We also have some amazing buskers in the city and we stopped and watched this man who balanced some knives on his chin. My youngest niece was so mesmerised by it she said “I am going to try this.”

My other niece and I looked at her and said “No you are not.”

My youngest niece said “Oh with pretend knives.”


We had the most amazing day and yes, we were very exhausted.

Yes, I need an early night.

Will share more soon.

by tracey buckley






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