Coffee Catch Ups

Coffee Catch Ups

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I don’t know about you but I love coffee and I love catching up with others over coffee.

There is something about meeting others and chatting over coffee.

I work as a primary school Chaplain and I love what I do, I really do. I am passionate about my role and giving back.

I am also a peer support Chaplain for the area that I work in.

This means that I am available to help and support other Chaplains in my area.

I do not take this position lightly, I want to invest in others, to support and encourage them.

Last Tuesday we met as a group at an amazing coffee shop and just shared how we were going.

I love the time that we could just rest and help each other.

I love that we could just be real with each other.

We shared, we encouraged, we supported and we just listened to one another.

I love that we could just chat and encourage each other.

I love that we provide a non-judgemental space to just be.

I love spending time with someone that you do not realise how long you have been chatting. That time is really not important.

Do you have someone that can encourage and support you?

Do you have some that can listen to you?

Do you need someone to chat to?


Would love to hear from you.


Tracey Buckley