You Are Invitedpic


I don’t know about you but I love catching up with friends over coffee.

I just love it.

There is something about going to a lovely coffee place and chatting and sharing.

There is something about not being aware of how the time is passing.

How are you going today?

If I could catch up with you, I would say to you-

  • Let’s catch up
  • Where would you like to meet?
  • How about catching up at this coffee place?
  • Let me buy you a coffee
  • I am here for you.

When I am writing my blog, I would love you to know that I think about you being invited to my house, or my favourite coffee place.

When I am writing my blog, I think about you sitting in a chair across the table from me.

I also think about being there for you and listening to just you.

I am passionate about being there for others.

Let’s catch up soon.




Conference 2019

Conference 2019

Conference 2019pic

The last few days I have been blessed to attend a conference for Chaplains. There is something about Chaplains coming together and just being there.

There is something when Chaplains gather together.

There is something about when Chaplains encourage each other.

There is something about gathering with other Chaplains.

There is something about an organisation that provides space to just hear from God.

There is something about an organisation that is just there.

We were so blessed to hear amazing speakers that invested in what we do.

There was also the privilege of hearing amazing speakers that are willing to invest in Chaplains.

There is something about hearing speakers who are passionate about Chaplaincy and understand what Chaplains do in the school community.

We had such a lovely array of speakers that spoke so passionately about what was on their heart.

How could we not be encouraged?

We learnt about Cyber Bullying and we learnt about Grief and Loss.

The third day was spent catching up in our area groups and being there for one another.

I am reflecting on the last few days and am feeling so very blessed.

I am blessed that I am able to work for such an amazing organisation.

I am blessed for the amazing people that I have met on this journey.

I am blessed for how passionate they are about their school community and how they are wanting to make a difference.

I am blessed about how humble they are about what they do.

I am blessed about what they do, how they go above and beyond.

I am so encouraged.

To all the amazing Chaplains, just know that you are in my prayers, you are so dedicated to your schools and God sees that, yes he does.

You are making a difference.





Space to Be

Space to Be

Space to Bepic

This week I find myself on school holidays, I work as a Primary School Chaplain at two primary schools which I love.

I also love the time to have some space and to just focus on slowing done a bit.

I have spent this time, just turning off my alarm which is such a blessing.

This week I have-

  • spent the mornings just taking my time
  • spent the mornings enjoying my coffee
  • spent this week catching up with friends
  • focused on just being in the moment
  • spent this time shopping for clothes and shoes, without being rushed
  • spent this time sitting on my couch and being okay with it
  • watched movies
  • gone out for lunch.

I love this space that I am able to embrace.

I love this space to just be in the moment.

This week I have intentionally and on purpose focused on embracing the little things.

I am on purpose spending time focusing on working on my book.

I have been on purpose focusing on creativity.

I have spent this time looking after myself.

This may have only been one week, I feel that this week has been so important for my self-care as well as for my creativity.

It allows me to have space to just be.

What are your plans when you have some time for yourself?

What are some things that you do for yourself?

I would love to hear from you.

Will share more soon.

Tracey Buckley