Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday October 21 and I am so grateful.

I am so grateful that I get to celebrate another birthday, to celebrate another year. Just to celebrate.

I love how I was at one of the schools that I work at as a chaplain, we had an assembly and the whole school sang happy birthday to me.

It is such an amazing experience that I will never forget.

I always reflect on the day before my birthday and I have been doing this for the last few years.

I wrote in my journal at the last day of being……………….

This is what I wrote-yes, I am still single and I am thankful to God, that I am still here and the He see’s me and knows me and he has a purpose for me.

I am grateful for an amazing job and I have as a primary school chaplain and I love, love, love my job.

I really do.

My goals are to be a worshipper, I want to be a creative.

There is something about having a birthday.

There is something about having another year.

There is something about celebrating another day.

There is something about having an adventure.

How can we celebrate and encourage each other?

Let’s encourage one another.

Let’s be here for one another.


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