Random Acts of Kindness Day Eight

Random Acts of Kindness Day Eight

I have been thinking about random acts of kindness and I love random acts of kindness.

I love them.

Today’s random act of kindness is to write a card for your neighbour.

Do you know your neighbour?

I know that in some neighbourhoods it can be difficult, but what If we put all this aside in this Christmas season and just wanted to bless someone?

What if we wanted to make a difference in our neighbourhood and spread the Christmas message?

How lovely would that be?

I live in a complex of 12 units, now I don’t know all my neighbours but I do know a few.

Last weekend I had my youngest niece stayed over and she was creating, my niece decided that she would send a letter to one of my neighbours.

She got herself an envelope and some paper and wrote a message, we then went to the letterbox and she randomly chose a letterbox to post her letter.

I loved to see the excitement and wonder of a seven-year-old posting a letter to someone that she didn’t know.

It was so exciting for her as she looked at all the numbers on the letterbox and then choose the one that she wanted to send her letter to.

She really wanted to encourage someone.

Now I do not know what happened when the neighbour received the letter, but I do hope that they realise that they are valued and a seven-year-old wanted to encourage them.

Let’s embrace this and post a letter to one of our neighbours and let them know about Christmas.

Let’s encourage on another.

I would love to hear what happens.


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