New Year New Opportunities

New Year New Opportunities

I love the beginning that a new year brings, I love that it is filled with endless possibilities and new opportunities.

A new year for me is like a blank canvas.

Can you imagine that, a lovely blank canvas?

I love that the canvas that is for the new year is waiting to be painted in beautiful colours. That the canvas is waiting for new stories to create, it is new stories of the adventures that you will have for this year.

I always take the time to buy a planner for the year and this year I found a really nice pink planner for 2021.

Today I want to encourage you to buy a blank canvas, pick a canvas that speaks to you that encourages you.

Place the blank canvas in a place where you can see it, where you can look at it every day.

Today dream, dream about what this year can be for you.

Dream about your new possibilities about your new opportunities.

Let’s encourage one another, let’s be there for one another.

What are your going to paint on your canvas?

I would love to see how your canvas is going?

Let’s encourage and support each other.

Let’s embrace this new year together.


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