New Phone

New Phone

I had to buy a new phone this week because my old phone died.

I had been putting it off for a while and I thought that my old phone would last a lot longer than it actually did.

Well, I was wrong.

My phone died; the battery just didn’t work at all.

I couldn’t even recharge it.

So, I went out to buy a new phone.

I am so very grateful for a new phone.

I am also very grateful that I could buy a new phone.

The other day I had my new phone with me and I was thinking maybe I should take a photo and then I thought I cannot my phone doesn’t have enough memory.

I then caught myself thinking about how I placed the limitations on what my new phone could do.

I had been limiting my thinking on old technology.

My new phone has a lot bigger memory then my old phone, yet I was stuck in what my old phone could do.

Sometimes we can become stuck in our thinking and put limitations on what we can achieve.

We can become stuck in our old thinking patterns.

We can choose to believe the lies that this is all that we can do.

This year I don’t want to feel stuck, I want to have unlimited memory.

I want to have unlimited memory to achieve more, to do more and to have more courage.

This year I want to be able to achieve so much more.

I would love to hear from you about what you are wanting to achieve this year.

Let’s encourage one another.


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