The Earring Miracle

The Earring Miracle

In the holidays I had my youngest niece stay with me, she is so lovely and we are always having adventures.

We decided that one of our adventures for the holidays would be to go to the local pool.

If was such a lovely warm day and we made our way to the pool, we paid at the entrance and set up our belongings on the grass.

We had been swimming for a little while and then I noticed that my nieces earring was missing.

I said, “Oh my goodness where is your earring?”

What, she had just received it from her Aunty for Christmas.

I was really concerned as I know that her earrings were expensive.

I was concerned that she only had them for a little while.

My thought was we had been in two different pools and that maybe it had gone into the pool.

My mind went to I can’t remember where I say her with it last.

I was thinking, did she even lose it at the pool, did she lose it in the car, in the carpark at the pool or was it in the car.

I said to my niece we need to pray to God, I prayed with her dear Jesus please help us find the earing, help us know where it. Direct us Lord.

We retraced where we had been, we went to the change room, no we didn’t find it.

We went to the small pool and looked all around the bottom of it, no we didn’t find it.

We went to the large pool and looked all around the bottom, we even had someone offering to look for it.

All I could think of was oh my goodness we have lost it.

My niece wasn’t to concerned she said let’s go back swimming.

We then went to where I had left my backpack on the grass and my niece looked down and said here it is.

Oh, my goodness we found it.

At first, I thought maybe it was her other earing that I had taken out of her ear and placed in my backpack.

So, I checked my backpack and her other earing was in it.

Yes, we found it.

Yes, we found her earing.

It was our earing miracle.

Praise God.


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