Life Of An Aunty

Life Of An Aunty

I love spending time with all of my nieces and my nephew, I love creating memories with them.

This weekend I had my youngest niece stay over.

We had such an amazing weekend.

Friday night we ordered Menulog and we had McDonalds delivered, she was so excited.

She said this is my first Menulog.

Saturday, we had a relaxed morning and then ventured out to the local shopping centre.

We shopped and brought my sister her birthday present.

The adventure for Saturday was to try sushi, we went to a lovely sushi train restaurant.

Well, did she like sushi?

She liked it but not the seaweed, she did like using chopsticks.

Yes, she was amazing at using chopsticks.

She really mastered using chopsticks.

On Sunday we spent most of the day creating, listening to music and painting.

I don’t know about you but I value the time I am able to spend with my nieces.

I value being with them, I value speaking into their lives, I value how amazing they are, I value them.

I love being a part of their lives.

Who can you encourage?

Is there someone that you can speak into their lives?

Let’s be there for one another?

Let’s experience new things with other.

Let’s invest in others.