Setting a Time to Write

Setting a Time to Write

Today I am at the local coffee shop having a writing session with a friend.

We are having a pot of ginger tea to help us with the writing session.

I love writing and I am making a new commitment to blog twice a week for the next few weeks.

I find it important to have accountability with my writing projects.

You see being creative is important to me it is what fills me with enthusiasm, it is part of who I have been created to be.

What stops us from being creative and expressing who we really are?

What stops us from doing the things that we really love to do?

Is it the thoughts of –

 I am not good enough

Who will read it?

 Is it good enough?

What will people think?


Comparing ourselves to other writers?

My thoughts run to the negative, I am really good at thinking about all the reasons why I should not write.

Why do we allow those lies to stop us from being creative?

How can we break through from this thinking and pursue what is really important to us?

To pursue what we love to do?

To pursue what brings us joy?

We need to put aside those negative thoughts and just start writing.

Just start writing without editing everything that we write.

It takes vulnerability and just to show up.

If you want to write, then write.

I am cheering you on here.

I would love to read what you are writing about.