Be an Encourager

Be an Encourager

Today I have been thinking about being an encourager.

I have a Girl’s Group at one of my schools and today this is what we focused on.

We focused on encouraging words.

We looked at the word encourage.

We looked at what does it mean.

We looked at words of encouragement.

We shared with each other when we have encouraged others.

We shared with each other when someone has encouraged us and what that felt like.

We wrote down words that can encourage others.

We wrote down encouraging words in our journals and we wrote down who we were going to encourage this week.

We also encouraged each other.

We shared in our circle.

Words are powerful, they really are.

I am passionate about encouraging others, I really am.

We can make a difference in people’s lives about how we speak to them.

We can make a difference in others by being an encourager.

We can impact others in how we speak to them and about them.

Yes, words are powerful and words make a difference.

Who are you going to encourage this week?

What is it going to look like?

I would love to hear from you.

Let’s share what we do this week.

Let’s encourage one another.

You are amazing.

Yes, you are.

Be an encourager.


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