The Creek

The Creek

We have had such an amazing amount of rain in Perth the last few days.

Which is so good for our environment, it really is.

This week we have school holidays here in Perth, Western Australia.

I have had my youngest niece staying with me for the past few days.

Yesterday I said to her let’s go down to the creek and see what is happening there.

We walked to the creek and the creek was overflowing.

It was so lovely to see.

We decided to have a stick race.

We chose our sticks and launched them of the bridge.

We watched them flow down the creek.

My niece was like I think that are sinking.

We had so much fun following them.

I ended up falling over on my knees slipping on the mud.

We just laughed so much.

We then got two more sticks and launched them off the bridge again.

We ran and followed them to see who would win.

It was so much fun.

We decided to visit my sister who lives near me.

On the way my niece decided to jump in puddles.

Oh, my goodness how much fun is it to jump in puddles.

She had so much fun.

Yes, her shoes were wet they really were.

The joy on her face was priceless.

This is about creating memories.

We, did have so much fun.

I love creating memories.

I really do.

When was the last time you experience childhood wonder?

When was the last time that you let go of the what if?

When was the last time you jumped in puddles?

Embrace fun.


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