She is there for others

She is there for others

I love being there for others and I have a saying that I love-

Spread kindness around like confetti

It is something that I talk about at the schools that I work at.

My role is as a primary school Chaplain and I love being a Chaplain I really do.

I love creating a space where people can just chat about how they are feeling.

I love creating a safe space.

I am so grateful for working with amazing people.

I really am.

I love how they are so passionate about how they care for the students, for their students.

I love how they invest in their students’ lives.

I love how they give so much to help the students that are in their care.

I see how they go over and above what is required of them.

Again, they are invested.

Yes, they want to be there for their students.

I really want to be there for the most amazing people that I get to work with.

I want to say to them, yes you are making a difference.

I want to cheer them on and say, yes, we notice all the little things that you do for your students.

I want to say you are amazing.

I want to say thank you.

I want to say I am here for you.

I want to say let’s go and get a coffee.

I want to be there for you.

Yes, I do.

I want to say you are not alone, you are worthy, valued and loved.

Be encouraged.

I am here for you.