Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

I love the Christmas season I really do, it is my most favourite time of the year.

This weekend I have my youngest niece staying with me for the whole weekend, which is such a blessing (at the moment she is on YouTube as always, Just joking she asked me to write this).

I want her to know about kindness, I want her to know about what my role is in the schools that I am at.

I want her to see love in action.

I want her to show random acts of kindness to others.

I want to be a role model for her and for my other nieces and my nephew,

I may not get it right all the time but I want to show kindness.

So far with my youngest niece, we have posted an encouraging message to someone in the units that I live in.

We have also gifted a hat to one of my neighbours, that would leave me a lovely salad at my door every now and then.

My neighbour did not know what my day was like and when I arrived home that day, she had left me her lovely salad.

I mentioned to my niece that I would like to give something to my neighbour. I had ordered an extra hat online and I said to my niece lets give this to my neighbour.

My niece left a note and we went to my neighbour’s door and left the gift then we ran away, before she knew who it was.

My niece wanted to go back a few times to check, then the next morning we went to check and it was gone.

Such childlike faith.

A few weeks later I saw my neighbour and she said thank you for my lovely hat.

I explained how I was showing my niece how to make a difference.

I couldn’t wait to see my niece and let her know what my neighbour had said.

I love doing random acts of kindness.

What is something you can do this season to show random acts of kindness?

This time of year, be a blessing, be an encouragement, show kindness and bless someone.