Embrace Adventures

Embrace Adventures


This week has been amazing, I have enjoyed every moment.

I started the week by seeing a friend who also is such an inspiring mentor. We spent some time sitting in a café across the road was the beach, which is a really nice setting for some inspiration.  We chatted and worked on creative goals.

Then Tuesday I went to the movies to see Cinderella which is a beautiful movie. I loved it. There was a quote in Cinderella which said-

Have Courage and Be Kind

I loved that I went with my sister, my sister in law my two older nieces and my sister in laws family.

Hearing the comments and the laughs from my nieces made the experience even more memorable.

Thursday I had a great afternoon with my sister we went into the City (Perth) and explored. We shopped, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we took photos and we explored the City.

I have spent most of this week catching up with friends and family. I have loved this week sharing coffee, laughing and creating memories that I will hold onto.

I want to be able to embrace opportunities to catch up with friends, to have fun and to just enjoy life.

So I want to make time to-

  • Catch up with Family
  • Catch up with Friends
  • Be adventurous
  • Go out for Coffee
  • Explore

What will you make time for?

Why not call someone and invite them out for coffee

Will share more soon.



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