Love in Action

Love in Action


Daily Reading

1 Corinthians 13:1-7

Daily Devotional

I was driving to work this morning and I had a thought about Love in Action.

What does Love in Action look like?

What does Love in Action look like to you?

I went to visit a church on Sunday and the message was about the scripture 1 Corinthians 13:1-7.

The message was about loving people and how it is easy to love people who are like minded, who we get along with.

The Pastor spoke about seeing people with the eyes of Jesus.

To be honest that can be challenging, but I have been thinking about it today. What if we saw someone, looked past their challenging ways and saw their potential, saw what they could become?

What if we chose to journey with that person, what if we saw their value when they couldn’t even see their value.

What if we took the time to listen to them, to encourage them to just be there for them?

What would that look like, how would that person feel?

Who know what a difference you could make to that one person.

I know that God is the God of second chances and I have definitely been given a second chance.

I would probably not be where I am today if it hadn’t been for friends who had journeyed with me. Who saw me stuck in an illness but still chose to look beyond that, they chose to invest in a person who was lost, who was wounded and who thought that she had no value.

I would also not be here if it was not for a Doctor who saw me and not a girl with and eating disorder. He saw someone with value, with purpose and with potential. He chose to invest and show Love in Action. He embraced the whole meaning of Love in Action.

We may not see the end result but we can be part of a team that invests, that shows someone Love in Action.

Is there someone that comes to your mind that you can show Love in Action?

Pray for wisdom, pray for guidance and ask God who he would like you to show Love in Action too. It could be one random act of kindness that changes someone’s day.

We may never know how we have impacted on someone’s lives, but they will remember.

You can make a difference.






Is there something that you really want to do that you have been procrastinating over?

For me I have taken my time about writing up a speaking bio.  I don’t know why at all?

I met up with my friend and mentor a few months ago and worked on some goals and one of the goals was to write up my speaking bio.

I went away and started, I find it really hard to write about yourself and let people know what you are doing.

For me to have the opportunities to achieve my goal, I really needed to push through that.

I did, it was difficult and felt strange.

I went back and showed my friend and mentor. She went through it and edited it and helped me with it.

I went back home and worked on it again probably for a few weeks.

I don’t know why I am taking my time with it? I really don’t. I love speaking, I love meeting people and I really do want to make a difference.

I have really wanted to share my journey, my testimony and to speak at least once a month.

I find myself at the moment very tentative at sending out my speaking bio. It feels like the first time when I hand to publish my first post on my blog, scary but achieving a goal.

So for some accountability I am sharing this with you.

The speaking bio is ready to go and yes my plan is to send it out to a few church’s this weekend.

What is it that you find yourself procrastinating about?

So here I am cheering you on, let’s make a difference, let’s be bold, let’s just go for it.

Let’s be brave, let’s be bold and see what the next few months will bring.


Will share more soon.



What Is Your Centre?

What Is Your Centre?


On Monday I picked up one of my lovely nieces for a sleep over or two.

I love catching up with her, I love just being in the moment and enjoying what we are doing together.

We started our adventure by going to IKEA, we love going there and I am always surprised at the beautiful things that we find together.

When we go there, we always have something to eat and drink first. This time my niece and I shared chips & gravy and also a cookies &cream cake. I always have a coffee while she will have a variety of soft drinks. Yum!

We love just sitting at the table chatting and planning what we are going to do.

I love that.

I probably brought a little bit more then I should of but they were great finds.

We arrived home and then we watched a marathon of DVD’s that she had brought over.

One of the movies that she brought over was The Rise of The Guardian which tells the story of Jack Frost.

In the movie Santa Claus asks Jack Frost what is your centre?

You see Jack Frost has been asked to be a Guardian to help look after the children of the world along with Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman. He is struggling with it because he doesn’t know what he is meant to do. He does find out that his centre is to bring fun to the children.

It made me think what is my centre?

I know for me that it is making a difference, through writing, singing, songwriting and speaking. The sharing of stories is very important to me. I have just realised.

So let me ask you a few questions-

What is your centre?

What are you passionate about?

What brings you joy?

What motivates you?

What inspires you?

How are you going to make a difference?

Will share more soon.


You Are Invited

You Are Invited


For a while now I have wanted to set up a support group for women who are struggling with an eating disorder. I have researched and have heaps of ideas, policies and procedures. This will still happen and I will work at it because I want to do it well.

It has been on my heart to have a night where we can just value women who are struggling with this illness.

They can bring their friends along and family members.

If they are attending on their own then I would have someone meet them and sit with them. I know how important that is.

I want to bless them, I want to encourage them and I want them to know that there is someone who would love just to spend time with them and to hear their story.

So my thought has been to have a night of encouragement of inspiration of moving forward.

But what would that look like?

I want to set the atmosphere for it to be beautiful for every woman that attends they will receive a gift. Something that they could wear like a bracelet that will let them know that there is hope. I know in my journey I would not buy myself anything nice and this is a really important step in recovery.

The night would be a night of creativeness, of music and of a message.

The message would be you are not alone. You valued, worthy and loved.

You have a purpose and a beautiful future.

How and where this event will be held I am not sure yet.

After the event it would be time for coffee and time to meet other women.

I also want to have psychologist and counsellors that specialise in this area to be able to attend.

The night would not be a one of but the start of an amazing journey of celebrating lives. It would also lead into the support group that I so want to start.

I am passionate about seeing everyone walk into their purpose and their dreams.

Is this achievable? Absolutely I have learnt in the last few years that anything is possible if you believe.

If you or anyone would be interested in this event please let me know.

Will share more soon.