You Are Invited

You Are Invited


For a while now I have wanted to set up a support group for women who are struggling with an eating disorder. I have researched and have heaps of ideas, policies and procedures. This will still happen and I will work at it because I want to do it well.

It has been on my heart to have a night where we can just value women who are struggling with this illness.

They can bring their friends along and family members.

If they are attending on their own then I would have someone meet them and sit with them. I know how important that is.

I want to bless them, I want to encourage them and I want them to know that there is someone who would love just to spend time with them and to hear their story.

So my thought has been to have a night of encouragement of inspiration of moving forward.

But what would that look like?

I want to set the atmosphere for it to be beautiful for every woman that attends they will receive a gift. Something that they could wear like a bracelet that will let them know that there is hope. I know in my journey I would not buy myself anything nice and this is a really important step in recovery.

The night would be a night of creativeness, of music and of a message.

The message would be you are not alone. You valued, worthy and loved.

You have a purpose and a beautiful future.

How and where this event will be held I am not sure yet.

After the event it would be time for coffee and time to meet other women.

I also want to have psychologist and counsellors that specialise in this area to be able to attend.

The night would not be a one of but the start of an amazing journey of celebrating lives. It would also lead into the support group that I so want to start.

I am passionate about seeing everyone walk into their purpose and their dreams.

Is this achievable? Absolutely I have learnt in the last few years that anything is possible if you believe.

If you or anyone would be interested in this event please let me know.

Will share more soon.



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