When You Are Forced To Rest

When You Are Forced To Rest


I had things that I wanted to do this week.

My to do list was quite extensive and I was ready to tackle the items on the list and conquer them.

You see I am on School Holidays for two weeks and this week I had things planned.

Last Saturday I woke up (which is a good thing) and felt dreadful (which was not a good thing) I was aching, tired and just not feeling 100%.

So I had to listen to my body and rest, I slept most of the day and most of Sunday. This is when I know that I am unwell. I also only had one cup of coffee this is also a sign that I was not okay.

It made me think about those times when you are forced to rest. There really isn’t anything that you can do.

You just need to rest.

Have you been running at a fast past?

Have you forgotten to take the time to rest to recharge?

Where is it in your day or week that you can make time for rest?

Not the rest I will just sit down for one minute I am exhausted but now I need to get up rest. I am not talking about that kind; I am talking about the kind where you make it a priority.

The rest where if you have to you write it in your diary. You make it and you a priority.

So this week I was forced to rest I was home 3 days and did not leave my house.

I had to venture out on Tuesday with caution.

When was the last time when you were forced to rest?

What did you do?

Today is you need to rest.


Is Your Petrol Light On?

Is Your Petrol Light On?


Last Monday I was driving home from work; I was listening to music thinking about what I had to do next when I noticed that my petrol light had come on.

I knew that I needed petrol but I thought that a least I had enough petrol to wait until tomorrow.

But on comes the light.

It made me think that how good would it be if we had a light that came on when we needed refuelling. How easy would it be to know that we needed to take time out, how easy would it be to know that we needed to fill up our tank.

I think it would be even better if we could see how we are going without having to wait for the light to come.

It is so easy to be focused on others and to see when they need rest.

How come we can find it so difficult for ourselves?

So this week I decided to commit to going to boxing twice a week, to also come home and read.

I have taken a little break from writing.

I have been reading a book at the moment by Lisa Bevere called Girls with Swords.

I have had the book for a while and I keep on beginning to read it and then put it down.

I think that the time is now to read it.

Girls with Swords is How to Carry Your Cross Like a Hero.

On the back of the book it says Take up your sword and be a hero! The sword meaning the word of God.

I love that take up your sword and stand up for what you are passionate about.

So as much as I love helping and caring for others I also know that I need to look after myself.

Do you find it difficult to take time out for yourself?

Is your tank empty?

What can you do today to fill up your tank?

I would love to hear your suggestions.

Will share more soon.