Don’t Forget to Pray

Don’t Forget to Pray

Sometimes in life things just happen that we have no control over, something stops us and there is nowhere to go.
We need to trust and try not to worry. For me I tend to worry and then pray, what I need to learn is to stop think and pray.

This morning at church I was reminded again about prayer and how important it is to let God help us and shape us. Trust that he is our provider, he will help us.

Last year I felt so blessed in my carear and in my life. I have had to learn to give things over to God.

2013 has not been easy at the moment a family member is in hospital and I am concerned about it. I do know that he has great care and that he will be okay. I suppose it’s the waiting time and it is just waiting, waiting for results of test. Waiting to hear the Doctor’s report, waiting to see what procedure is needed.

Waiting is so hard when we are always wanting an answer now. It is in the waiting time that we pray and wait and this grow us as a person.

When things happen don’t forget to pray.

Loves and Hugsxx


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