Planner for 2013 found.

Planner for 2013 found.

Today I embarked on a journey on a journey to find the right Planner for 2013. I knew what I wanted something that could include my work, both of them and then my home life and also my creative projects.

I looked everywhere and I am happy to say that I have found it. I love it.

Last year I had two diaries one for work and then one for me. This seemed a bit difficult as I soon discovered that my work load was busy and I needed to start balancing out my home, creativity life.

So after a search I have found it and I cannot wait to write in it to plan activites and to also see what happens this year.

Loves and Hugsxx

2 January 2013

2 January 2013

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Today I have been sorting things, cleaning things and thinking of setting up a Creative area.
I am committing January to exploring my creative side.
I love singing and I have an open mic night next Wednesday. Just before Christmas I had a singing lesson and I have really missed my lessons. It has inspired me to really work on the singer/songwriter side. Writing songs about what is happening in the world, writing down what I am feeling or people and things that also are inspiring. I am not limiting myself to a certain genre I want to have more then one style of music that I love.

I think that it is more about the music you create then to put it in a box. I don’t want to be boxed in limited, I would love to have thea variety to explore the music and songs.

Loves and Hugsxx


Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Welcome 2013 I am so excited to begin the new journey and to see what happens this year.

I have decided that I am going to blog everyday in January. I won’t have a particular theme, I just want to be open to see where the days will take me. I have my projects that I want to work on and that will be my inspiration and motivation.

I am on holidays until the 30th January so I can really concentrate on being creative.

Loves and Hugsxx