Out of My Comfort Zone

Out of My Comfort Zone

The title of this blog says it all. On Monday I went on the year 6/7 camp with one of the schools that I work at, it was of course in the bush. We had activities such as vertical challenge, the crate challenge which I had a go at was nearly at the top and fell lucky I was in a harness. We also had the flying fox.

The next day Tuesday was search and rescue where the children had a map to go into the bush to find clues that would make up a message. The instructors asked us not to help the students, seriously I have no sense of direction so I really had to trust them and we found about 5 clues and made it back safely. Then we had canoeing which was so good, learning how to paddle and learning new skills. The last activity we had was the students had to make a raft and then I went on it with them oh my goodness how much fun.

I was so grateful for the staff that entrusted me with a group of their students.

I am really not an adventures outdoor type but I must say that I enjoyed the challenge and being able to see the students grow and being so confident in their abilities.

Loves and Hugs.xx



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