Thursday Thinking


I love this picture, I love how this child is just focusing on what she is doing. Focusing on just today.

This week on Tuesday I felt overwhelmed, I felt a sense of heaviness and anxiousness. Why was I feeling like this and what was making me feel like this?

I was becoming consumed with my to do list and what I needed to fit in before the end of the school term.

I had paperwork that needed to be in, craft afternoons to organise and just the general day to day organisation.

I also had a meeting to go to on Tuesday as well.

Wednesday I felt better, I felt that my to do list was do able. I also was able to tick items of my list. I love that feeling. I realised that I still had time for some quite breaks . I just needed to stop take a breath and breathe. Yes breathe!

I had to remind myself that I just needed to focus on one day at a time. Just like the beautiful child in the picture focus on what I can do now.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed, when your to do list make you feel anxious?


Loves and Hugs



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