The Year of Saying Yes and Being Bold

The Year of Saying Yes and Being Bold


Last Year a beautiful friend and mentor of mine challenged me that 2013 was the year of saying Yes!

I accepted the challenge and experienced so many different adventures and challenges. You could probably say it was a launching pad year.

This year I want to continue with the year of saying Yes but I want to include being bold about it. Not proud and in your face boldness, but comfortable and confident in the way I go about my day. The way I go about my life, how I interact with people, what I write in my blog and  the quickly press the post button. (aahh)

I know for my growth 2014 is indeed going to be a great year of getting out of my comfort zone again and doing things that I would never thought that I would do or could achieve. I am excited.


I will let you know how I go.


Loves and Hugs