Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

I Am a Work in Progress

I am continuing on with the theme –
I am a work in progress.

It is quite an interesting topic.
It is making me have a good look at myself and what I am doing in my life.

I am making decisions about how to slow down a bit and this is happening.

Yesterday I just enjoyed the most beautiful day and watched TV and read. No programs, no need to be anywhere and no commitments.

It was really nice not to have to plan anything and just taking that time to really rest.

I enjoy those days, I really do.

I still get things wrong and I know that, I can look back and reflect on what I can do to and how to change things.

This morning was a first for me I was on the worship team at Church and I loved it.

I am a work in progress.

One of my goals for the week was to blog three times a week, well I managed to blog twice this week.

I am okay with that I have decided that when I come home from work I need sometime to just reflect on the day.

I find it really difficult to give myself time and this is something that I need to work on.

It is really important that I look after myself and then I am going to be able to care for others. It is about finding that balance and that is something that I am working on this year. It is challenging me.

Will talk soon.

Loves and Hugs



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