Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

October 2014

I have really enjoyed the last few days, on Friday I picked up my niece for a two night sleep over. It is the first time that she has stayed with me for two nights.
I have realised that just enjoying the day and time with her is good for me. I am just in the moment, whether it is watching a DVD that she has brought and listening to her talk about it or whether it is deciding what to eat I am just embracing the moment.
I love creating precious memories.
We have enjoyed such a full last few days.
We have had our IKEA adventure and she is able to find things that I really like. We love having a meal at IKEA, that is how we start and then we go and have a look at all the furniture and try out as many things as we can.
After our IKEA adventure it was time to go shopping for food and I must say when I go shopping with her I tend to buy very different items. Into the trolley goes popcorn, chips, ice cream, sour cream (which was for our taco night). I go down different aisles in the shops then I would normally go too.

Friday was a day filled with watching her favourite DVD’s and just really enjoying them.
There was not that much time spent on social media as I really want to embrace the time I have with her.

Creating memories is very important to me.

Yesterday I am really pleased to say that we had a bit of a pyjama day taking it easy and just again watching TV and creating some art.

The day was full of eating some of the snacks that we had brought and for breakfast I made pancakes.

Last night I had worship practice and so she came with me and was able to spend some time with my Pastor’s daughter and I loved how they just chatted and laughed. They got along really well.

Then we decided for dinner that we would have sushi, so the race was on to get to the sushi place before it closed and yes with great excitement we did make it.
We really enjoyed the sushi and then it was time for some more popcorn, extra butter flavour is the favourite at the moment.

As I am writing this she is sleeping peacefully and it just reminds me that-
Let her sleep, when she wakes up she will move mountains.

Will share more soon.

Loves and Hugs



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