Standing in the Gap

Standing in the Gap

standing in the gap

I have found myself this week struggling and being very overwhelmed. I have been thinking about what I have seen, heard and experienced in the last few weeks.

The last few weeks I have had a change in my routine and had been placed in a very important role.

My heart aches.

Injustice is the word I find myself thinking of.


If we watch the news we can find ourselves drawn into the injustice in our city and in the world.

My thought is who is standing in the gap for those that don’t have a voice or who has had their voice taken away.

If I let myself dwell on this it can become overwhelming and it can consume me.

My whole legacy of what I what to do is –

|I want to make a difference |

Who are you standing in the gap for?

What can you do for someone who has nothing?

What can you do for someone who has been treated badly?

Every day we have an opportunity to bless and help someone. It may be a kind word, a smile or contributing to something that they might need.

If we just start where we are at, then I know that we can make a difference.

Remembering though to keep yourself safe.

This week let me ask you who will you stand in the gap for?

I am excited for this week to see what will happen.

I would love to hear what you have done to stand in the gap for someone.

Will share more soon.



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