Rest When You Need Too

Rest When You Need Too


The theme for this month is Be Kind to Yourself and I don’t think that I have started the month of doing that.

I know that Being Kind to Myself is a challenge and that is why I wanted to focus on it for the month of September.

I had all these ideas that I would-

  • Go and have a facial
  • Buy some new clothes for Summer
  • Go to a nice place and have coffee
  • Catch up with friends
  • Go and learn a new dance style.

Something happened along the way I was unwell, I felt sick.

You are probably thinking and………, well I find it really hard to take a day of work and just to rest up and to recover.

Let me just say that I feel guilty, there I have said it I feel guilty about taking time off work.

Now I do work for a wonderful organisation and I do have sick days available for me to use when they are needed.

But I struggle with being unwell, I am not a very good patient.

This week has been a bit of a lesson for me in being kind to myself.

I had to let go of the pressure that I place on myself and accept that things are going to happen out of my control.

Yes there are days that I am not going to be feeling 100% and I just need to accept them.

Resting, relaxing and recovering are part of life.

So I am reminding myself to-

Be Kind to Myself

Repeat after me-

Be Kind to Yourself.

The month is not over and I still have plenty of time to Be Kind to Myself and I am going to focus on what I can do.

I also know that I do have my health and I am grateful for that.

The challenge is still on.

What have you been doing to Be Kind to Yourself?

Have you learnt anything along the way?

Will share more soon.



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