Space to Create

Space to Create


I haven’t blogged for a while as my life has just been full.

I have had the most amazing last two weeks.

I work as a primary school Chaplain and I helped plan a disco for the students at one of my schools. It was my first time helping out and planning a school disco. We had three sessions and we had the most fantastic volunteers. I love being in a school community that is committed to making a difference. The disco theme was COLOUR POP and it was so much fun.

The disco was on the Friday and the Saturday I went to a Grow + Gather event hosted by a friend and mentor of mine. It was held in a great coffee place in Rockingham.  This event was on Social Media and I learnt so much.

That night I had one of my beautiful nieces stay over and had to pick her up first from a party. I love having them over and just being in the moment.

Monday I had my two support schools and then I went to one of my other schools to help them with their art exhibition and fun afternoon. It was another great example of when a community gets together what can happen. I love community events.

Then last Wednesday to Friday I had Drumbeat training and this was just amazing. Drumbeat helps to engage students where talk based therapy has not helped. I love the whole way that the program valued and respected the student. It was great to meet other people, also to learn about other organisations. Lunch was provided which is always good and the food was amazing.

Then Friday night I had two of my nieces stay over and it was just a lovely night of watching DVD’s and having the feast.

Now I am on school holidays and I am looking forward to not having to set my alarm, which is my favourite part of being on holidays.

I really want to focus on just slowing down and working on creative ideas.

Having the space to create.

What helps you to be creative?

Will share more soon.



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