Changes 2016

Changes 2016



I found myself welcoming 2016 with not my usual bubbly, excited self but more of a, I think that I have made it to the New Year -just. It was like I had commando crawled just over the line reaching into the first day of the New Year.

I have always loved the first day of the New Year, I work through some questions and reflect on the year before. I also buy a new planner for each year and I love writing in the fresh new crisp pages.

This year it felt different this year I felt numb and empty inside. I felt like my passion and creativity had gone.

I think that I just felt tired, exhausted, stuck and confused.


I thought of a few things-

  1. Had I really embraced last year 2015 and achieved the goals that I had set for myself?


  1. Why was the beginning of this year feeling different?



  1. What can I do this year so that I am living my life differently to last year?

I have sometime of work and I had been thinking about these questions a lot. I don’t want 2016 to be a repeat of 2015.

On Tuesday I went back to boxing something that I had wanted to commit to last year 2 to 3 times a week.

It did happen a few times in October and then things happened.

Well Tuesday was a bit of a turnaround day. I went to my boxing session and worked through it and yes it was hard and yes I sweated and yes my arms were sore.

But I loved it the whole time I was there I was not thinking about what I needed to do next. I was focused on seeing how long I could skip without stopping, I was focused on how many push ups I could do, I was focused on how many times I could punch the bag without stopping and I was focused on how many sit ups I could do without stopping. I was in the moment and it was great.


Something was happening within me and it was like I was being refreshed and awakened.


For the month of January I want to talk about Changes.

I will be sharing what Changes I am going to make for this year 2016.


Join me for the journey.


Will share more soon.