A Creative

A Creative



Yesterday I arrived home from work exhausted I wanted to stay home, it is becoming darker earlier now as we are now in Autumn.

I had already committed to attending an evening where creative’s all gather together. It is such a safe and encouraging space.

I had already decided that I wanted to attend so despite my tiredness I went.

I love that about 150 women can meet together in a café in the city and embrace and discover that they are creative.

There was coffee to drink, tea to drink, new people to meet and friends to catch up with.

The café was decorated beautifully, woman sat, they sat on chairs, they sat on the floor and they mingled they chatted.

I love hearing stories about others creative’s, hearing what had inspired them, what they did to achieve a dream to achieve a goal. I loved the vulnerability of the speakers, the passion that they had to share their stories.

The stories were inspiring, I sat there caught up in the creative atmosphere.

We then broke up into small groups and we shared our heart about creating.

Some women were wondering if they were creative?

Yes, I said I wanted to encourage them I wanted them to know that they have something to create.

I think that we can all doubt that we are creative, it’s like we think that maybe we need to have a degree in it.

We were created to………………………

I don’t know where you are in your creative journey, be encouraged start that project, begin that painting, write, draw, journal, blog.

What are you passionate about?

Whatever you have the desire to do, begin the creative journey.

Will share more soon.