Creative Adventures

Creative Adventures



I haven’t written in my blog for a while, not because I don’t want too. I love writing it is just that I have been busy planning some projects which I am really excited about. I have actually been living a full life.

I am back into creative adventures.

I have decided that both of the offices that I have in the school the theme colour is gold. So, I have gold dots in both of the offices which I love.

I have been busy looking for items to decorate them with.

I love being creative, it energises me, it encourages me.

I have also started at one of the schools that I am at a girls group. It was something that came out of a need from last year. I am passionate about seeing girls being empowered in who they really are. The girls groups is for girls in year 4 to year 6.

I had such a great time shopping for ideas to create a safe and beautiful place. I found so many beautiful things and I love that.

We had our first session last Monday and it was lovely.

I cannot wait for the next one.

I love setting the space to create the environment.

It is a work in progress and I am looking at what else I can add to it.

I am also at one of my schools at lunchtime helping some students to get to the stage where they will be able to join the school choir. So, that is my Wednesday lunch times.


I also have a Drumbeat group at both schools which is also so very exciting. I know that both of the groups the students are just going to be amazing.

I love being creative it is something that for me is important, it inspirers me to live a fuller life. It encourages me to do more and create more.

What have you been creating?

Would love to hear about it.






My Mentor

My Mentor


This week I was so blessed to catch up with my music mentor.

I was staying at my sister’s in early 2007 and I was watching the Christian channel, there was a talk show on and the host was interviewing Merelyn Carter. She was talking about the Dove Body Perogram. I watched and listened, this subject resonated with me I was so focused on the subject. I wanted learn more, to know more and to do more.

Then a few months later I was in a Christian bookstore I had chosen a book and then I wanted something light to read like a women’s magazine. One of the employees of the shop suggested some magazines. I remember so clearly reaching into the box and choosing one magazine I opened it and the page I found myself on was the one with Mereyln Carter being interviewed. It was from the exact TV program that I had seen a few months ago.

Yes, insert what!!!

I love it when there are those little confirmations.

I brought the magazine and read the article a few times. I also read that she offered music workshops.

Merelyn and her husband David are Carter & Carter.

They are country music singer/songwriters.

I did contact Merelyn and went for my first workshop in 2008.

We have known each other now for about 8 years.

It was so good to see her and her husband this week.

I had a mentor session and we talked about new goals and ideas. It was such a great night. We laughed, we planned and reflected about where I was when I first met them and where I am now.


Yes, it has been a journey, a great journey.

I love it when you can share your dreams and ideas with people who are going to encourage you, who are going to challenge you in a positive way.

I also have someone that I need to be accountable with.

Is there someone that you would love to learn from?

Do you have a dream in your heart and just needs a little help to live it?

Find a mentor, find someone that can encourage you creatively and journey with you.

You never know what will happen.












Creative Retreat

Creative Retreat


On the weekend I was so blessed to be able to attend a writing retreat down south.

I left work on Friday on time and arrived home to finish packing for the adventure.

I had been looking forward to this retreat for a while and excitement was building.

My lovely friend picked me up and the drive there was such a great time to catch up.

The weekend was a great opportunity to focus on the direction of my writing.

The place where we stayed was near the beach and it had a lovely log fire in the lounge room, which was nice as the weather was stormy.

I was so encouraged by the other women that were there and hearing their stories really moved me.

I feel that I have a new direction in how I want to write.

I am really grateful for the opportunity and the time away.

I am thinking now that it is something that I would like to do maybe every few months. Just have that time away where I can just focus on being creative.

When I am home I can become easily distracted in those little moments of –

  • I might just go through some papers
  • I might vacuum
  • I might watch a bit of TV
  • The list could go on…

Having the space to create is really important to me.

I am excited to see what happens in the next few months.

Will share more soon.


A Creative

A Creative



Yesterday I arrived home from work exhausted I wanted to stay home, it is becoming darker earlier now as we are now in Autumn.

I had already committed to attending an evening where creative’s all gather together. It is such a safe and encouraging space.

I had already decided that I wanted to attend so despite my tiredness I went.

I love that about 150 women can meet together in a café in the city and embrace and discover that they are creative.

There was coffee to drink, tea to drink, new people to meet and friends to catch up with.

The café was decorated beautifully, woman sat, they sat on chairs, they sat on the floor and they mingled they chatted.

I love hearing stories about others creative’s, hearing what had inspired them, what they did to achieve a dream to achieve a goal. I loved the vulnerability of the speakers, the passion that they had to share their stories.

The stories were inspiring, I sat there caught up in the creative atmosphere.

We then broke up into small groups and we shared our heart about creating.

Some women were wondering if they were creative?

Yes, I said I wanted to encourage them I wanted them to know that they have something to create.

I think that we can all doubt that we are creative, it’s like we think that maybe we need to have a degree in it.

We were created to………………………

I don’t know where you are in your creative journey, be encouraged start that project, begin that painting, write, draw, journal, blog.

What are you passionate about?

Whatever you have the desire to do, begin the creative journey.

Will share more soon.


Count It All Joy

Count It All Joy



Today is the last day of the school holidays and I feel that this holiday has been eventful.

I have been stretched and encouraged by opportunities to learn new skills by attending professional development.

I have written two new devotionals and have been blogging.

I have spent time with my nieces and nephew in creating memories with them.

I had a car accident the first day of the holidays and yesterday I found out that my car has been written off.

I have been thinking about the scripture in James 1:2-4 (Message Translation)

Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith life is forced into the open and shows its true colours. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely.  Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.

Count it all joy when test and challenges come at you from all sides. I don’t know about you but when I am going through things Joy is probably not the first thing that I think of. I am learning as I journey through life that trials have the opportunities to teach us new things and new ways to do things.

I was very concerned when I was hit from behind in my car and memories from the last time I was in a car accident came flooding back.

I was thinking oh my goodness this is what happened last time and I plummeted into an illness that was devastating.

I had to stop myself and realise that this accident is different, I am a lot stronger mentally and physically this time.

I know that I do not want to go back to that place many years ago. Going back is not an option.

I have grown through the challenges as a person and I am aware that my life has expanded since the last accident. I also have a great support network.

Life is to be experienced and life is to be enjoyed.

I don’t know what you are going through today, but can I encourage you to find a great support network.

Whether that is in your church, in your community or your family.

If you need to seek professional support, find someone that you can talk to.

Count it all Joy.

Will share more soon.


Start That Blog

Start That Blog



When I was going through my illness I was seeing an amazing counsellor and I was discussing with her how I wanted to write. What I really wanted to do was to have a blog. She was so lovely and encouraged me to do this.

It took me a few years to really find out who I really was without my illness.

I asked myself these questions-

  • Did I have the skills?
  • Who was I really?
  • What did I want to write about?
  • I loved writing so why not write?
  • What was stopping me?

It then took me a bit longer to gather up the courage to actually write something. I had been working on my writing about my journey, I have a good friend and mentor who encouraged me and helped me with designing my blog.

I remember the first time that I had written something for my blog and then I had to press the publish button.

Oh my goodness the fear that I felt while I was thinking about should I press the publish button, or just leave it?

Then I just had a “Just Do It” moment and I published my blog.

I know that for me writing is part of my creative process and being a creative.

It helps me be in the moment, it encourages me and it is something that I need to do for myself.

Last month I thought that I would just step out of my comfort zone and write a devotional for a Christian Woman’s Devotional in America.

It is another goal that I had wanted to do for such a long time.

They had asked for writers to submit a devotional for their latest publication which was for April.

I chose one of their themes to write about which was, that we are not in competition with other women.

I prepared and wrote for the publication and then submitted it.

A few Fridays later I came home and I discovered that the publication was out. So I scrolled down and found that what I had submitted had been included.

Oh my goodness, let me tell you that I was so excited.

This is something that I had dreamed about for many years ago.

Be encouraged what is it that you have dreamt of doing?

What is stopping you?

Do you need someone to help or mentor you?

I am here cheering you on.

Will share more soon.








Day Thirtieth #apriladventures2014

Day Thirtieth #apriladventures2014


Life and the Single Christian Girl……..



I have made it to the Thirtieth of April, I have blogged every single day.

It is a commitment and I love it.



Today at work we were talking about how we nurture our creative side and what we like to do.

I know that Pinterest came up and I love that website it’s a great place to get ideas.


I must say that I do have to limit my time on it. Whoops!!


We also spoke about writing and how therapeutic that is.


At the beginning of the year I started a project which is 365 days. Someone else is going through the 365 day book. This is where we do something creative in a book for the whole year. It is one page a day and you can create on it whatever you like.





It is also something else that I find I am enjoying.


It will be very interesting to see how 2014 was and what happened.


I love being around other people who like creativity and hearing about what interests them. It feeds our creativity when we hear others talking so passionately about what they are doing.


Life and the Single Christian Girl is going well.




I have a few goals that I would like to achieve next month.

Who knows what is going to happen, who I will meet and what I will do.


So tomorrow will be May and there will be some new challenges that I would like to do.

I won’t tell you today I will let you know tomorrow.


So stay tuned.


I am excited for what May is going to hold, what adventures will happen and what ideas come out of May.


Enjoy your day.


Will talk to you tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs



Day Twenty Seven #apriladventures2014

Day Twenty Seven #apriladventures2014

Life and the Single Christian Girl……………


So what does a Single Christian Girl do when she buys something from Ikea that needs to be put together?

I hear you say read the directions, Yes done.

I still cannot work it out so I think that my brother in law needs a project.


So that is what I did I went around to his and my sister’s house and he set it up. Whew, thank you.


So now I have my new art and craft trolley.




I also found out that my vacuum cleaner is no longer working. So I will need to invest in another one.


Sunday afternoons are just lovely. Today we have had some much needed rain.  I love hearing the rain on my roof. We really need the rain.


I have really enjoyed the holidays and have sorted through items and made new creative areas.


I have really enjoyed being able to write and create some art.





I also have been reading a book called Queen Bees and

Wannabees it’s about helping girls through their

Pre-teen and their Teen years. I am looking forward to reading more of it.




I am looking forward to seeing what the new school term brings.

Talk tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




Day Seven #apriladventures2014

Day Seven #apriladventures2014




Today I have enjoyed shopping for art supplies for the holiday program that I will be involved in.

I will have the 3-5 year olds which is really fun.

This morning I went to the crafts shops, which I love going into and searched around for what I need for the programs that I will be running.



I have fours programs-

  • Creative Surprise- which involves buying heaps of items for the children to make whatever they like. I love this because they can make what they want and they make heaps of things to take home.
  • I will then do a dance class which I also like teaching.
  • Shining Stars which is about acting, working on scrips and making props. I have done this one a few times and they have the best time. They make up the most amazing plays.

I have a new program that I am trying this school holiday it is called-

  • Once Upon A Time. With this one we will be dressing up in our favourite book character. I will be dressing up as a fairy. We will read stories and I will see what the children dress up in and will make up a story for them to act out.

I am really looking forward to the program.

So now I am spending some time cutting up stickers and going through the items that I will need for each program.



I find this process really relaxing and quite fun.

I also really enjoy shopping and preparing the art supplies.

I cannot wait to see who will attend them.

I love being able to be creative and being involved in the holiday program, it also inspires me with my own art.


Loves and Hugs