Finding Peace

Finding Peace


Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

John 14:27

I love this scripture and how it can comfort you when your heart is troubled.

As research for the book I am writing about my journey I have come across some workbooks. These have been quite difficult to read, I need to remember how far I have come. I need to remind myself that I am not that girl anymore.

In that season of my life anxiety, worry and confusion ruled my life.

Have you ever done something that troubled you and you later regretted it?

Have you ever said something to someone and then later thought about the conversation and wanted to rewind the whole thing? Or maybe you wanted to think that it never happened?

Have you ever become so angry with someone and said what you really thought about them?

Have you ever done something that has challenged your faith journey?

Every now and then anxiety wants to make a comeback, into our lives.

It wants to take away everything that you have built up.

But how do you battle the thoughts that say you are not good enough, you are not worthy and that you have ruined your life?

Pretty heavy stuff.

I know that as women we can become consumed about the negative and forget about the good that we have done.

This is when we lose our peace. This is when we think that we need to do something to make up for our moment or we need to punish ourselves by not eating, or not enjoying life.

But when we read God’s word he says let not your heart be troubled.

He also says neither let your heart be afraid.

He has already forgiven us.

He wants us to have his peace, we just need to receive it.

We need to know that he has plans for our lives and what we have gone through may help others.

Today don’t be hard on yourself forgive yourself.

Write out your prayer to God.

Pray to Him for peace in your life today.

Find your peace today.



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