The Positive Jar

The Positive Jar


At the beginning of this year I decided to buy a jar to make a positive jar.

I also brought some colourful post it notes.

The idea is that every time that something lovely, positive or I just want to remember, happens I will write it on a post it note and place it in the jar.

I will continue this until the end of the year and then on New Year’s Eve I will empty all the post it notes and read about my year.

This is such a great way to remember what has happened in the year.

Maybe this is something that you could start now?

Take the time to find a beautiful jar decorate it if you like, personalise it. Then you will need to place it somewhere that you will notice it every day.

This will be a visual reminder for you.

If you don’t want to use colourful post it notes use some paper that you like. It’s is your jar to do what you want with it. So make it your style.

Design your own jar


If you can’t even think of where to start, what about something that you are thankful for?

What about a friend who encourages you?

What about a book that you are reading?

You might want to read what you have written in your jar maybe once a month?

It is up to you.

If you have started your positive jar maybe you can send a picture of it?

Would really love to see how you personalise your jar?

Will chat soon.



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