In The Shallows

In The Shallows




Do you sometimes feel like you are staying safe in the shallows?

I love going to the beach but I am not a confident swimmer at all. It also takes me a while to walk out into the water especially when I can’t see the bottom. Everything that touches my leg I imagine that it is some sea creature trying to attack me. I feel a lot safer when I am near the shore and closer to the edge.

I know that if I venture out from the shore that I am really going to enjoy my time. I am also going to become braver the more I have confidence in the whole experience.

It made me think about parts of my life and am I still wading in the shallow?

I think that some parts of my life for me I am walking in the deeper part of the ocean.  I love my job and what I am able to do and have seen such growth in the communities that I work in.

There are others areas that I do need to be a bit braver with.

So I want to let go of the shallows I want to run into the water laughing and smiling.

Is there something that you have been wanting to do but are still wading in the shallows? Do you need to have faith and try something new?

I love the beginning of months and for October I am declaring this Adventure Awaits.


Adventure Awaits

Write down four adventures that you would like to have this October-

  1. ____________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________


Take your time to fill out the above.  Print it out and place it somewhere that you are going to see it often maybe on the fridge on the bathroom mirror whatever works for you.

Now for some accountability if you need it, if you are brave why don’t you share one so that we can encourage each other.

I am ready to venture from the shallows.




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