I don’t know about you but I find birthdays as a single woman a little bit difficult. If I am really honest.

I said to someone another birthday as a single girl, not married and no children.


But something really amazing happened on Friday my birthday, I actually realised how blessed I am.

It was one of my favourite birthdays.

I went to work and as you know I work as a school chaplain, I had such a lovely day. We had assembly and the whole school sang Happy Birthday to me. It was such a great start to the day.


Then I just realised I have so much to be thankful for.

I received a beautiful bunch of flowers there was a birthday cake and lots of laughing.

Friday night I celebrated with my family and that was really special. I loved having my nieces and nephew there to help me unwrap presents. I loved the excitement they feel when they go and help get the cake ready. I love how birthdays are so exciting to them.


I feel really blessed at the moment.

We can go around focusing on what we don’t have or we can look around and see what is in our lives.

I can sometimes focus on what I don’t have, but when I look around and focus on what I do have my world becomes bigger.

I know that it happened, on Friday my world became bigger. On Friday, my focus changed about celebrating birthdays. My focus shifted into a much healthier way of looking at birthdays.

What is something that you can focus on, what is one thing that you can say that you are blessed.

Celebrate life, embrace life.

You are important.







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