My Mentor

My Mentor


This week I was so blessed to catch up with my music mentor.

I was staying at my sister’s in early 2007 and I was watching the Christian channel, there was a talk show on and the host was interviewing Merelyn Carter. She was talking about the Dove Body Perogram. I watched and listened, this subject resonated with me I was so focused on the subject. I wanted learn more, to know more and to do more.

Then a few months later I was in a Christian bookstore I had chosen a book and then I wanted something light to read like a women’s magazine. One of the employees of the shop suggested some magazines. I remember so clearly reaching into the box and choosing one magazine I opened it and the page I found myself on was the one with Mereyln Carter being interviewed. It was from the exact TV program that I had seen a few months ago.

Yes, insert what!!!

I love it when there are those little confirmations.

I brought the magazine and read the article a few times. I also read that she offered music workshops.

Merelyn and her husband David are Carter & Carter.

They are country music singer/songwriters.

I did contact Merelyn and went for my first workshop in 2008.

We have known each other now for about 8 years.

It was so good to see her and her husband this week.

I had a mentor session and we talked about new goals and ideas. It was such a great night. We laughed, we planned and reflected about where I was when I first met them and where I am now.


Yes, it has been a journey, a great journey.

I love it when you can share your dreams and ideas with people who are going to encourage you, who are going to challenge you in a positive way.

I also have someone that I need to be accountable with.

Is there someone that you would love to learn from?

Do you have a dream in your heart and just needs a little help to live it?

Find a mentor, find someone that can encourage you creatively and journey with you.

You never know what will happen.













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