The Scales

The Scales


The Scale will never rule my life again.

Do you have a scale at home that you weigh yourself on?

If you do throw it out. Wow that is such a radical thought.

At first, I wanted the comfort of the scales I wanted to know that they were in my house and that I had access to them anytime I wanted. In a way they had complete control over me and they dictated to me whether I would have a good day or a bad day depending on what they said.

Oh, my goodness looking back now I cannot believe that I let something so insignificant have control over my life. How could scales tell you how to feel that can’t even talk. They cannot say Hello Tracey how are you this morning stand on me and I will tell you what sort of day you are going to have. Well going by that number your day is going to be horrible.

Can they?

I cannot believe how much power I gave them.

We all need to reclaim the power back from them. No object should tell us how we are feeling or what our day is going to look like.

No object should have control over us.

No object should have that much power over one person.

Today is the day where you can reclaim your life.

When I came back from hospital I had scales in my bathroom and yes, I did continue to weigh myself for a little while.

Then I had one of those moments (one of those light bulb moments) where I thought I need to throw them out. I need to get them out of my house.

They had been sort of a friend for a while but what it a really healthy friendship?

Is it really healthy to have a friend that is always saying to you, sorry you are just not good enough you just don’t measure up? You need to lose more kilos?

The day came were I took control back of my life from the scales.

I went into the bathroom, picked them up and walked confidently and with purpose to the big bin out the front of my house.

I flung open the lid of the bin, threw the scales in and shut the lid then I walked back to my house promising myself that I would never allow scales to have a place in my home or life again.

And they haven’t.





4 thoughts on “The Scales

  1. That’s great, Tracey. My personal trainer told me to throw mine out and not to measure my health by a number on a scale. Health is far more than that. I admire your bravery!

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