Prayer Request 2018

Prayer Request 2018

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There is something about the new year where there is so much encouragement for each other.

We set goals, we dream dreams and we want to achieve so much. We are excited about the new year, we have so much energy, passion and dedication for what we want to achieve.

I love community and I love how when we gather together, there is something really special. I love that when we all gather together, amazing things happen. In community we get to encourage and support each other, how amazing is that?

In community we can bring all of our brokenness, our desires, our dream and our goals together. When we bring this to our safe and supportive communities, we can find a place of acceptance. We know that we have support, that we are loved, that we are encouraged and we have wise counsel.

We need to find a safe place where we can just rest and be who God has called us to be. Have you found that safe place? Let me know if you need help in this area.

You are never alone, yes read this again you are never alone.

There is a community for you, beautiful one. If you are looking for a community begin by praying, pray for a community where you are accepted for who you are. A community where you can grow and develop who you are in Christ.

My prayer for The Heart Project is-

This is a community where we care, encourage and support each other. This is a safe place where we can just hang and discover who we really are. Beautiful one you are so accepted here.

You are worthy, valued, loved.

My thought is do you need prayer?

The Heart Project wants to pray for you.

Let me know what you need prayer for, this is ongoing.

Let 2018 be the year of prayer for you.

I am declaring breakthrough for you, be bold beautiful one, be brave, I are here for you.

List your prayer request.