She Dreams…….

She Dreams…….



How is your year going?

I wanted to discuss with you your goals and new year resolutions for the year.

New year resolutions can be so exciting to make on new years day, but what happens after new year day. What happens after all the excitement and celebration of the night and then the next few days?

Have you been working on the goals and dreams that you have made at the beginning of the year?

Do you find yourself feeling guilty of saying to your friend yes, I am going to do this and I will achieve it this year?

Do you feel the overwhelming guilt of being in February and not achieving any of your goals?

I know that I struggle with my goals at times, I struggle with the expectations that I can place on myself. I can struggle with the timeline that I give myself.

One of my goals for this year is to complete my diploma in counselling studies. I have decided that I would like to finish my course by July 2018. Yes this year! Aaahh!

I have been working toward my goal this year, I have scheduled in and have written in my goals planner how much I with commit to studying the Diploma in Counselling this year.

How are you going with your new year goals?

Are you working towards achieving them or have you just placed them somewhere out of sight?

Don’t feel discouraged this is a safe place for you to be real, this is a place for you to say how you are really going.

You are amazing, be encourage, let’s all encourage one another to be all that we have been designed to be.