Today I have been thinking about community and how important it is.

I am so encouraged by community, I am so encouraged when a community comes together and supports one another.

There is something about being in community.  There is something about the strength of a community. There is something about the support of a community.

I love my role as a primary school Chaplain, I have mentioned this before in a few blogs, but I really do. I love what I get to do.

I am so blessed in the community (schools) that I get to be a part of.

I am in awe of their passion for the students that they are journeying with.

I am so encouraged by the people that I work with and how they go the extra mile for students in their school.

I am so encouraged by their commitment, I am so encouraged about their passion, I am so encouraged about how they want to make a difference. I am so encouraged about their vision. I am so encouraged how they want every student to have the best possible experience at school.

I am so encouraged and love how much they care.

I am so encouraged about how much they give of their time.

There are so many behind the scene moments that we will never know about.

The community that I am involved in spend hours in their own time working on preparing for their students.

I know all about this because I see this and I hear about this.

Let’s support each other in the community that we find ourselves in.