She Wants to Make a Difference

She Wants to Make a Difference

She Wants to Make a Differencepic.png

I am passionate about making a difference, this has been my hearts cry.

I would love to hear what you are passionate about?

I know that when you hear from others, it encourages you and inspires you to go more and do more.

I don’t want to live a small life.

I have felt that in the last 4 and a half years, I have crept a little into living a small life.

I am just being honest here.

I have some great plans, ideas, dreams and things that I want to achieve.

I get the planning but at the moment I am not taking the next step.

I am not in the doing process.

Do you ever feel like this?

Do you ever think, oh I possible could not do this?

Do you ever think who am I to even ask for this?

What has made you feel stuck in this area?

Today write out your goals, your dreams and your plans.

Write them out and then put a date next to them when you want to achieve them.

Write them out.

Let’s encourage and support one another.

This is what The Heart Project is all about, being there for each other.



A Creative Date

A Creative Date

A Creative Date.png

Last Saturday, I decided to embark on a creative date for my writing, I had been planning to do it for a while but something stops me.

It is the thought of I will do it later, I don’t have time for it or I will do it another day, or I am just too tired.

Today I decided that I would just do it, there was also the fact that the electricity is out.

I am sitting writing this at the local pub, where I have had a lovely lunch of pumpkin & sage arancini and a glass of wine.

I have worked on my book and have now written 6 blogs.

There is something about being out of your house.

I notice when I am at home, I can get distracted, I can think that I need to be cleaning or sorting out something.

I am finding that taking myself on a Creative Date I am able to achieve a lot more then if I was at home.

So, I am grateful that the power went out today.

I have been here for nearly 2 and a half hours, I have used this time wisely.

I am committed in November to once a week investing in a creative date.

I will also share what I have experienced.

Do you take time out for a Creative Date?

What do you do on your Creative Date?

I would love to hear from you.


Injustice Moves Her.

Injustice Moves Her.


I don’t know about you but injustice moves me.

When I see or hear about injustice, I can feel it bubbling up within me.

I want to shout and say this is not how it should be!

I want to shout and say how could this happen?

I am physically and emotionally moved by injustice.

I wonder sometimes who is there?

I wonder who can I speak to about injustice?

I wonder if my voice would be heard?

I wonder if anyone would notice?

I wonder is anyone would pay attention?

I wonder If anyone is listening?

I wonder.

Then I hear his still quite voice that says- speak up, speak up.

I hear speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves for those who don’t have a voice.

The whisper becomes a shout!

The whisper becomes my mandate.

I hear this clearly and I am compelled by this, I am convicted by this.

I hear this and I know that this is what I have to do.

I hear this and know that this is my purpose.

Even if my voice feels unsteady, even if I shake, even if I feel completely out of my depths, I will speak up.

I don’t ever want my heart to be hard that I would not be moved by injustice.

Injustice moves her.

Yes, it does.





My Primary School

My Primary School


My Primary Schoolpic.png

On Friday the 8th of November, I was able to attend Carlisle Primary School’s centenary.

This was the primary school that I attended from year one to year seven.

I walked into the school filled with anticipation, I was excited to go back and see my primary school. I was excited to see how it had changed.

I loved my primary school years and have some amazing memories of being there.

One memory which I remember well is my year seven teacher Mr Sellors and how he encouraged me with my creative writing.

I still have my creative writing books with the comments that he encouraged me with. This is something that I will forever be grateful for.

I loved going down memory lane and looking at all the classrooms where I had received my education.

I still found the basketball court where we used to play and have assembly still quite large. I remember that this is where we used to have our assemblies and remember that we didn’t wear hats and I have memories of friends fainting from the heat.

I did find that the classrooms did look and feel a bit smaller.

I loved that time of my life, the friendships I made, the teachers that impacted my life.

I even bumped into someone that I had been to school with.  It started out a bit awkward though, he said I think that I went to school with you?

He was trying to think of the year, I had that look on my face like you need to be kind.  Well, he was.

There is something about learning about the history of the people that were there before you and what they experienced.

As I walked around the school, there was a place where they wanted to know If you wanted to share any stories about being at Carlisle Primary.

I shared my story about Mr Sellors, this was really important to me and the journey that I am on now.  

There is also something about hearing people’s stories.

What is a time in your life that you remember fondly?

Was there a teacher that made a positive impact on you?

I would love to hear about your memory?










Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindnessblog


I love random acts of kindness, I love blessing others.

I have been thinking about the month of November, I am declaring that November is the month of Random Acts of Kindness.

What could you do to encourage someone and show them kindness?

What could you do to show someone that you notice them?

What could you do to just bless someone?

Some ideas for random acts of kindness are-

  • Buy someone a coffee
  • Send someone an encouraging message
  • Post a letter to someone
  • Smile at someone
  • Pray for them
  • Call them
  • Cook someone a meal
  • Send someone a care package
  • Babysit for someone that needs a day/some time out
  • Bring someone some flowers
  • Pay for someone behind you in the checkout
  • Take the time to listen to someone
  • Take the time to journey with someone

I would love to hear what you have done or what you are thinking of doing for November.

I would love to hear your ideas about how you are going to show random acts of kindness for this month.

So, my thought for November is Are you going to commit to Random Acts of Kindness?

Let’s encourage one another.









Creating Memories

Creating Memories

Crating Memories

There is something about creating memories.

There is something about sharing an experience with someone.

There is something about being in the moment.

How do you create memoires?

Who do you love creating memories with?

I love that I have 3 amazing nieces and a lovely nephew.

I am grateful for them and I am there for them always.

This weekend I had one of my nieces stay with me from Friday night to Sunday morning.

We have a tradition that we have been going to the Darlington Arts Festival for the last 7 years.

We always go and support the band at one of the schools that I work at.

We then go and have a look at all the stalls.

We just love this experience.

There is something about being in a community.

We have also created a new tradition.

We love Sushi and we have discovered this new Sushi Train place.

So, yesterday we went to the Sushi place that we love and just enjoyed the sushi that we chose.

Then yes, we have another new tradition that after sushi we go to the Pretzel place to have a pretzel.

I love this and I just love the new traditions that we have.

What are some traditions that you are creating?

Would love to hear from you?

There is also something about spending time with someone to say- hey I value you, hey you are amazing, hey you matter to me.