You Are Invitedpic


I don’t know about you but I love catching up with friends over coffee.

I just love it.

There is something about going to a lovely coffee place and chatting and sharing.

There is something about not being aware of how the time is passing.

How are you going today?

If I could catch up with you, I would say to you-

  • Let’s catch up
  • Where would you like to meet?
  • How about catching up at this coffee place?
  • Let me buy you a coffee
  • I am here for you.

When I am writing my blog, I would love you to know that I think about you being invited to my house, or my favourite coffee place.

When I am writing my blog, I think about you sitting in a chair across the table from me.

I also think about being there for you and listening to just you.

I am passionate about being there for others.

Let’s catch up soon.





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