Creating Memories

Creating Memories

Crating Memories

There is something about creating memories.

There is something about sharing an experience with someone.

There is something about being in the moment.

How do you create memoires?

Who do you love creating memories with?

I love that I have 3 amazing nieces and a lovely nephew.

I am grateful for them and I am there for them always.

This weekend I had one of my nieces stay with me from Friday night to Sunday morning.

We have a tradition that we have been going to the Darlington Arts Festival for the last 7 years.

We always go and support the band at one of the schools that I work at.

We then go and have a look at all the stalls.

We just love this experience.

There is something about being in a community.

We have also created a new tradition.

We love Sushi and we have discovered this new Sushi Train place.

So, yesterday we went to the Sushi place that we love and just enjoyed the sushi that we chose.

Then yes, we have another new tradition that after sushi we go to the Pretzel place to have a pretzel.

I love this and I just love the new traditions that we have.

What are some traditions that you are creating?

Would love to hear from you?

There is also something about spending time with someone to say- hey I value you, hey you are amazing, hey you matter to me.







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