I don’t know about you but this season that we are in is different.

This season that we are in is a different pace and I am embracing this pace.

I am still blessed to have a job, which I am so grateful for.

I work as a primary school Chaplain at 2 amazing schools and I love what I get to do I really do.

I have been going to work throughout this time.

I have found at this time that I have been able to connect with other at work, as we have had the time. We have had the space to connect and just to check in to see how we are going.

I love getting to chat and share with others.

I have also loved encouraging others.

I have been spending the past few weeks, working on sending out encouraging messages.

I love the space to create.

Do you need some encouragement?

Would you love to receive an encouraging message?


I would love to send you one.

Please message me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




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