Day Seven #apriladventures2014

Day Seven #apriladventures2014




Today I have enjoyed shopping for art supplies for the holiday program that I will be involved in.

I will have the 3-5 year olds which is really fun.

This morning I went to the crafts shops, which I love going into and searched around for what I need for the programs that I will be running.



I have fours programs-

  • Creative Surprise- which involves buying heaps of items for the children to make whatever they like. I love this because they can make what they want and they make heaps of things to take home.
  • I will then do a dance class which I also like teaching.
  • Shining Stars which is about acting, working on scrips and making props. I have done this one a few times and they have the best time. They make up the most amazing plays.

I have a new program that I am trying this school holiday it is called-

  • Once Upon A Time. With this one we will be dressing up in our favourite book character. I will be dressing up as a fairy. We will read stories and I will see what the children dress up in and will make up a story for them to act out.

I am really looking forward to the program.

So now I am spending some time cutting up stickers and going through the items that I will need for each program.



I find this process really relaxing and quite fun.

I also really enjoy shopping and preparing the art supplies.

I cannot wait to see who will attend them.

I love being able to be creative and being involved in the holiday program, it also inspires me with my own art.


Loves and Hugs





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