I had a great weekend, just loved it.  It started with Friday night at my sister’s chatting, drinking and eating.

Saturday was quite a productive day my niece was having a sleep over and we also went out with my sister and brother in law for lunch.

It was nice going out to lunch want to do this a bit more this year.

Then we all went to my storage unit and cleaned it out. An end of a journey, I have had the storage unit since my car accident back in 2005.

It was strange knowing that all my things are now with me. It has been great having this time of work and having the space to think about what I am going to do this year.

My lovely friend came over Saturday night and we had another lovely evening.

Sunday morning was a pyjama day my niece painted and said she loves being creative. I was just having a great time helping her with her creativity and watching movies about being a Princess. Even when paint was spilt on the rug (I did it) everything was okay I was able to get the stain out. Now as I am writing this I am noticing quite a lot of glitter on my pink shaqqy carpet. It’s okay it has meant that there has been creativity nurtured and encouraged.


Finally Sunday night I had chosen to go Church, I am usually on roster on Sunday mornings so I will go to the 11am service where I help in the lounge.  A friend encouraged my to mix it up abit a church to meet people and then to go out.

I loved the message and was very encouraged then I was going out with a group to have coffee and cake, I didn’t make it because I was chatting with people and didn’t end up leaving church until 8.30pm. This just confirmed my thoughts on mixing things up.

I am also making changes at church where I will know be helping on Monday nights and will be stepping down from the lounge co-ordinator for the 11.15am service. I have been on the team since 2008. It was a hard decision I know that God wants me to help out on Monday nights.  I will also be helping out with the Pastoral team as well.

I am just so greatfull having the time and the space to think about the journey of 2013. I am excited, encouraged and expectant to see how this journey walks out.

Also new shoes where brought today!


Loves and Hugsxx




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