This morning I met a lovely friend for coffee, I love meeting friends for coffee and chatting and doing life together.

After that I had an appointment I was excited because for the next 6 months I am really focused on my dreams and goals.

I have loved this time being on Holidays to be able to sit within the creativity, the space that allows you to have some fresh perspective.  I know that for the next few months I will be focusing on sharing my journey. Today I bravely asked people to like my Princess Heart link on Facebook and people have. The Princess Heart link will be for notices about open mic nights, sharing my journey and fundraising. Also for photos of inspiration and pictures of things that encourage me. I am really looking forward to making a difference in the community.

I think that for the next 6 months that is exactly my purpose. I am excited about it. It is going to take some courage, some risks and doing things differently.

I am also so looking forward to going to open mic night which will be on Wednesday the 30th of January.

My Bling Moment is-

who can you encourage today?


Loves and Hugsxx


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