This afternoon as I was cooking up food for when I come home late and I cannot be bothered cooking, I was thinking back at how much my life has changed since the car accident in December 2004.

In December 2004 I was involved in a car accident, I was the passenger we where TBoned as the driver took off from the Stop sign. That car accident really messed up my  life.  At the time of the car accident I was managing a Creche, I was told by both my doctor and the physio to not lift anything for 2 weeks and that I needed to take two weeks of work. WHAT!!!  My work I loved my work and when I couldn’t do it I thought my life was basically never going to be good. I spiralled down, you see work was my everything the most important think in my life.

As I think back I know that God had placed the right people around me, to encourage me, to help me to let me be myself.

I have now seen prayers answered not how I thought they would be sometimes but how God answered them.

Today I was at my boxing class which is just amazing, when I had the accident I could not even lift anything my whole body ached and was so sore.

I have disovered my love of boxing and that it stretches me it inspires me I feel strong. I also discovered dancing and how much I loved Samaba.

In a way the car accident interupted my life and I didnt’ think that I would be able to do anything. Now I am passionate for life, things have changed and I know that all things are possible with God. Have faith and be encouraged.

Bling Moment

Listen for the still silent voice and trus,t hold on, be encouraged, be inspired and be expectant.

Loves and Hugsxx


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